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Japan’s Fleet BMD Upgrades

JS Kongou(click to view full) The JMSDF (Japanese Maritime Self Defence Force) is working closely with the USA on missile defense activities. Air Force cooperation has also improved by leaps and bounds, allowing for much closer coordination with the USA in all aspects of operations – including missile tracking. Japanese involvement includes modification and improvements to the SM-3 long-range anti-air/ABM missile. This weapon will form the outer layer of Japan’s ABM system, deployed from its current fleet of 4 Kongo Class AEGIS destroyers, and their 2 larger Atago Class successors. …

Iraq war vets wait for ally’s Commitment Medal

(Staff writer) It’s been nearly two years since the Iraqi government signaled its desire to present U.S. troops with a military decoration recognizing their dedication during nine years of war, hardship and sacrifice, but to date just one Iraq Commitment Medal has been delivered — and it was not given to a service member.